It was 23rd April 2013, the birthday celebrations were over, and so was my work. It took me 2 days to a get a black and white ASCII tron game to work. It was a simple 2 player game, but was pretty fun, we used to play it a lot in our CS lab in school. Years passed, and I came across Processing. I was actually searching for some basic data visualization tool, and someone suggested it. Had to agree that it looked a lot like Cinder. And fooling around with languages usually means doing boring work, but Processing is pure fun. Of course one can get some serious work done by it. Anyways, I got bored today, so decided to make the tron game again, but in Processing. Within 2 hours it was complete, actually it shouldn’t have taken that much, but bugs. So, here it is. And the colors just killed the whole theme, I know, BUT, ok I don’t actually have a point, the colors suck. Check out the about page, it too has some cool stuff from Processing(Honestly, the 404 page is the coolest).

Controls: W,A,S,D

Instructions: You know Tron, right?

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

View source code: tron.pde

The header image is courtsey of jrschmidt