It’s pretty easy if you don’t mess up like me. So I won’t be telling what to do(Ok I will), but rather what not to do!

Sooooo, I like backend now. Primarily because of Node.js, I love that thing. And as you might know, this blog streams my laptop’s speaker output, so using websockets was an obvious choice. Now, I would not want someone else to take over and hence would deploy some authentication mechanism.

You open terminal, enter a command, it asks for password, you swipe your thumb over the fingerprint sensor and voila, the command executes. Sounds perfect, except I don’t have a fingerprint sensor, nor do I have a phone with one. What I do have, is a normal phone on which...

The functional reactive programming course on coursera got me pretty excited for the FRP paradigm and it felt like it is the only sensible way of doing things.